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Pioneers in Metal Roof & Custom Roll Forming Technology

Metal Roof & Custom Roll Forming Technology
Roll Former Corporation offers the most productive and cost effective roll forming equipment for the metal roofing and architectural sheet metal industries.

Residential Machinery
Roll Former's residential machinery products include the VS-150, NSP-1, SSZ Seamer, SSX Heavy Duty Seamer, Soffit-12, Decoilers, SA-PERF and a Digital Controller.

Our most versatile, mulitple profile machine, .forming 1" & 1-1/2" profiles.

Although originally an agricultural panel, 5V crimp is now a popular residential panel. Mount it in your shop or make it portable and take it to the jobsite!

NSP-1 Nail Strip Profile Machine
The NSP-1" is the perfect panel for the residential market. It snaps together and requires no clips or seaming.

Roll Former Corporation's 12" soffit machine.

Roll Former Corporation carries 3000lb. or 5000lb. capacity decoilers.

Digital Controller
A fully automatic Red Lion single batch controller programmed in inches to an accuracy of ± 1/10" of the overall length.

Power Seamers
Roll Former's Power Seamer products include SSX Seamer, SSX Heavy Duty Seamer, SS Industrial and BSA Batten Seamer.

SSX Seamer
Our seamers produce perfect seams on all materials from 12oz. copper to 24 gauge Kynar finished Galvanize/Galvalume at 30 fpm - without damage to the material.

SSX Heavy Duty Seamer
Designed for 1" - 1.5" high architectural standing seam roof panel - 22 ga steel/.040" aluminum.

SS Industrial Seamer
Designed for 2, High Industrial/Commercial Grade Roof Panel

BSA Batten Seamer
The Model BSA Batten Seamer will form a complete double lock standing seam with a single pass.

Custom Machinery
Since 1982, Roll Former Corporation has designed & developed custom machinery for many companies that require a roll forming application.

Post & Frame/Metal Buildings
Metal Building Trim Product Machines available!

News and Updates

Company History
Roll Former was the first company to market & produce portable roll forming machines for the standing seam metal roof industry. Since then we have developed a line of over 20 standard machines for residential, industrial & commercial metal roofs.

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Commercial / Industrial Machinery
Roll Former's commercial and industrial machinery products include the 23-C, SSSP-3, SS Industrial, PCM/SS10, CBSC-15, FL105/FL15, SLP-175 and the Plus 50.

Roll Former Corporation's 3" trapezoidal machine.

Panel curver machine/1" standing seam snap cap machine.

Roll Former's combination machine, 1" standing seam snap cap and 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" batten cap.

FL105 / FL15
1" or 1-1/2" flush wall panel / soffit panel.

1-3/4" snap lock panel machine.

Plus 50
The Plus 50 is Roll Former's newest concept in machine technology. This unit is made to attach to the rear of a VS-150, or it can be ordered with its own power.

Armco Style Machine

Agricultural Machinery
Roll Former Corporation's agricultural machinery includes the 5V-Crimp and the R-Panel.

AG Panel Perforator - Model APP
Perforate AG Panels 29-26 ga. Steel Flat Stock 29-24 ga. Steel or .032" Aluminum
Four (4) sets of Perforation Dies
110 volt HD Electric Gearbox Drive
Oiler Kit for lubrication of dies

Trim Accessory Machinery
Roll Former's trim accessory machinery includes rtr coilers, decoilers, quick hem machine, drip edge, valley flashing, ridge cap, rake - gable end, gravel stop, j channel, fascia, cut to length unit, side-wall flashing.

RTR Coilers
Includes Lynx DC Controller and manual scissors shear, 16” coil ID max, 15” coil width
max, 300 lbs. max. recoiler capacity, variable speed up to 200 FPM.

Quick-Hem Machinery
Roll Former's QH50 or QH75 eliminates much of your time consuming brake work.

Hot Melt Caulk System
We have developed a new "hot melt" approach for your sealant extrusion application and it gives you a superior choice with the use of butyl.

Cut-To-Length Unit
The CTL – 48” Cut – To – Length Unit is ideal for the Metal Roofing Contractor or Sheet Metal Fabrication shop to process a maximum width 48” coil into smaller widths and lengths for the many Trim / Flashing products being used today.

Roll Former Corporation's stand alone perforation machine.

Machinery Pricing
For the most up to date price information and/or equipment availability...
Contact: John R. Dumke, Director of Sales & Marketing
PH: (215) 997-2511 x13 or Fax: (215 )997-5544

Financing Options
Leasing is an easy, economical way for businesses of any size to acquire equipment without making a heavy cash investment. Atlantic Capital has solutions for your - and your customers' - equipment acquisition needs.

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